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Kim Muirhead-Holland – Founder – Why and How

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Meet Kim


Get Linked Prestige Networking’s Founder

Why and How

COVID-19 hit! Devastating times, especially for a high performing networker like Kim Muirhead-Holland. Kim’s number one purpose in life is to bring people together through networking.

Kim has extensive experience in networking and has been a top performer in groups she has been a part of.

Kim is also the founder of Go Local 4212 & Surrounds, which is a successful business, community and networking platform especially designed for local residents and business owners. It was for this work that Kim was awarded a Gold Coast Women in Business Merrit Award in 2019.

Kim understands the value of connecting people to support business growth and personal development along with fully understanding where you spend your time is an investment. Kim also knows networking is so much more than swapping business cards and referrals.

Her love and dedication for networking lead her straight to her new business venture.

Kim’s new found mission is to change the way business owners do networking.

When COVID-19 hit… Kim soon realised how much she missed the face to face interactions of networking with amazing people.

“I now had the time to become crystal clear with my WHY, PASSION and PURPOSE in life. I started to create my new legacy.”

That is why and how Get Linked Prestige Networking was created.

Kim knew her business model had to align with her core values and ideal culture for the business.

Kim allowed herself the time to look at how to network differently.
What would separate Get Linked Prestige Networking from other networking groups?

She wanted to become a networking business model not just directed to business owners and leaders, but to create a unique franchise model for people to become a franchise owner. To be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

“For people who love to network for a living.”

Get Linked Prestige Networking is a 100% Gold Coast, Australian owned company.
Especially designed for business leaders and entrepreneurs to network, grow, connect, collaborate, and contribute.

So if you are up for a new kind of networking – You’ve come to the right place

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