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Women in Real Estate Success Series

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Women in Real Estate Success Series


With the amazing Julie Davies

I am woman roar in numbers, two big two, and, and protect. Hey, Uh, welcome to another episode of women in real estate success series.

Today, I’m coming to you from a Melbourne, just got off the plane mad dash, um, to the hotel to, uh, to bring to you today.

My really special, um, guest who I must say is looking totally gorgeous. And it’s like, you’ve got the perfect set in the back in the background there.

Uh, Kim, and for those who don’t know me, my name is, um, Julie Davis and my special guest today. Um, is Kim new head Holland.

Who’s a very dear friend of mine and, uh, somebody I’ve been with on the journey for many years now and, uh, currently not, um, currently not a woman in real estate, but has really found her true CA calling and, um, and, and has pivoted, um, some time ago, probably about two years Kim.

Yeah, two and a half years now. Yeah. So I’d like to introduce to you, Kim, you were head Holland, CEO and founder of Gitlin, prestige, um, networking, marketing, networking.

Um, it’s great. Um, Kim, I thought that, you know, it’s probably for, for some of our audience, it’s something that they really struggle with, um, in terms of networking and that’s what I thought, you know, and making that connection with people.

And so I thought what a great idea is just to have you on mate, and because you’ve just been in the world of networking for so long to give, um, some tips, um, to probably to share your real estate from your transition from real estate into your new business venture.

Absolutely. But first, I just wanna say that I love you so much, and yes, we’ve been connected for a long time, but I’m absolutely honored and it’s such a pleasure to be on here with you, and I’m absolutely enjoying being alongside you for this new journey.

So, um, congratulations to you. Lovely. Thank you. Thank you. You’re doing an amazing job. Thank you. It’s it’s it makes a difference when you’re in your flow, doesn’t it?

Well, you and I are very similar profiles. So now that I’m absolutely a hundred percent in my flow, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

I really wouldn’t. And it’s thanks to you and helping me with my profile that everything sort of came to light as well.

So let’s talk about that. Let let’s, uh, let’s talk about your real estate journey first. And then, so what was your, uh, I guess that the, the transitioning into making that decision to stop?

Yeah, absolutely. Because it was quite, it came quite quickly to me. Um, I was in real estate, had our own family business team Holland and real estate, and we absolutely loved selling real estate.

I, it, it was something that I actually really, really enjoyed, but what happened is I came to a roadblock where I was at an open home and I was missing my daughter’s semifinal netball.

And I remember cuz I was working with my mum and dad, Cheryl, Bert, I turned to Bert and I said, you know what?

I think it might be my time to finish real estate because I’m always about family first and I’m not at my daughter’s, you know, netball game.

And then she started to play states as well. So for gold coast. So I just thought, no, she’s too important to me.

She needs her mom. Um, yes, I love real estate. So I did decide to leave real estate. And then I was just like, okay, what now?

<laugh> so I guess it all started with that decision and then it’s just been an ongoing flow since then. It’s been an amazing journey, the last two and a half years that’s for sure.

You know, it’s, it’s, it’s um, so interesting at the moment I’m doing like a lot of work, uh, in essentialism and you know, being an essentialist and, uh, great work by Greg Mac McCan.

And he’s got a blog, he’s got several books and of just really looking at, um, what’s essential in your life and the power of saying no, and that’s Really, it’s so powerful.

No, no is no sometimes means yes to yourself. Exactly. And sometimes we say no fearing that we’re going to lose an opportunity, but we actually say no, that opens up more opportunity, which is, which is, uh, what happened for you now?

I know that you’ve been a networker for some time. Yes. I know that. Um, you come with a voice of experience and that you have been in, um, a lot of networking groups and looking at it.

Um, look, I guess, looking at taking away what, what has been great and what is not so good and we often, and in fact, I just had a call a couple of days ago with the client from Perth and she joined a, an same profile as me joined a networking, um, club.

Um, very well known one. She was even president. She was, she, she was fantastic. Uh, she won the award every, uh, every month for the most guests and the most referrals and like so totally in her flow.

And then things got political and I to her and said, how is your network going? And she said, I’ve resigned.

And she told me the, Wow, Your share with your experiences and what was sort of, I guess your driver. Yeah, well, absolutely.

Well for, for starters, I think if you are in real estate or if you own a business, everybody should be, um, networking some where and finding your people because referrals and connections is where the magic happens.

I was in multiple networking, um, event, not events, um, networking groups. And I got to a stage in business where I was feeling a bit stuck.

I just wanted more, but the, the groups weren’t giving me what I needed at the time. So it was more or less like I outgrew, um, where I started and everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

But the thing is that helped me with get linked is, and what makes us different is the fact that I really look at established business owners because I had the problem that I didn’t know, I, I wanted a business safety net and I say that with part of get linked.

So, you know, there’s nothing much out there to be a business safety net at the moment. So that’s where get link comes into play.

But definitely all networking platforms are wonderful as long as you start somewhere. Yeah, I would totally agree. And I think what, what do you think?

Alright, so say somebody’s looking to say, okay, I’m gonna, I’ve, I’ve listened to this. I’m gonna look around, I’m gonna look for a networking group.

What do you think are the three most important things that they should look at in consideration of that particular group?

Well, first I would start with themselves like, do they know their business inside now? Do they know where they’re in flow?

Do they know either ideal target market? Do they know who they wanna be connected with? So as a business owner or real estate agent, I think you need to have those answers to those questions before you start looking, because then you’re gonna come across confident.

You’re gonna come across that, you know, where you are going and what you’re doing. 

Otherwise you might get stuck in some networking groups that is just a cough catch up.

And I can tell you from experience, networking should not be a coffee catch up. I say that a lot. So you need to go with intention.

You’ve also gotta go with an open heart and open to learning and meeting new people. And the thing is with networking, some people might be an extrovert or some people might be an introvert.

I can work with both those people. And I do work with those types of people, but understanding you and yourself first, then my suggestion is to just go visit different networking groups and then feel like I can tell you, like, when I, I love it when people come to get linked, cuz they go, oh, it feels like home.

I feel safe. I feel, I felt welcome. Just so keep and uh, open, like open heart and just go with what your body’s telling you at all these different events and he’ll know no matter where that your home ends up, you will know that that’s where you fit and just give it a go.

Yeah, I would agree. And I, and I would say the PE also the, the quality of the people within that group is really, really important And mindset.

Yeah, absolutely. And you know, so I’m part of, um, your networking group, uh, in my, in my team dynamics brand mm-hmm <affirmative>, um, outside of, outside of real estate.

And I must say first thing I’m here in Melbourne for two days could not get a flight back to turn up on Wednesday.

So I’ve got major FOMO because I know this is about, you know, um, I think tank this week. So this is what I love so much about, um, your, um, your group Kim, is that it’s a support in terms of helping us and, and it’s like a mentorship mm-hmm <affirmative> you really need to have in a, in a networking group is that you have like-minded people that our office, certain caliber and experience in business that they can share ideas.

Yes. Problem solve. But also, um, and you know, I have been involved also in other, um, networking groups and it’s about, it’s all about referrals.

Yeah. Um, but Of course it, it’s all about connection. It’s all about connections, Collaboration. Yeah. And it’s all about having fun as well and feeling, um, part of, of something bigger than yourself.

And I think that’s, that’s really important. And I know, um, back in the day, like in the 1980s, even roundabout, um, I belonged, um, to a group which was called swap and no, it wasn’t like put car kids in the middle of it.

It stood for <laugh> home with a purpose. And, um, quite honestly, some of my zeros friends is that I met through that organization.

And so I think, you know, the friendships that you form, um, uh, you know, are, are very special because you’ve got a group of, of like-minded, uh, people, um, in terms of, um, or wanting the same thing, but wanting the best, uh, for each other.

Now, one thing that is probably that people find the hardest Kim is standing up and, uh, introducing themselves and telling, telling the audience what they do, what they need and who would be their referral.

Give us some tips on that. Okay. Well, to, to do, give a really brief story, I never thought I’d be doing what I’d do today because in other networking groups that I’ve been been involved with, I get up, my hands are sweaty.

I feel sick. Actually. I launched my Southern group at the gold coast, um, last week. And all of those emotions came up again, where in my Northern group, Northern gold coast group, I’m calm.

You know, I feel like really, really, I just totally different feelings and emotions. So I love it when people come to me and go, I’m scared to get up.

And like, I’ve got a step by step, you know, examples, and there will be, you know, are we offering those sort of things moving forward?

But the, the biggest thing is the first thing I’d say to you is write down a 62nd spiel. Like not even that, like, what I say is I bring business, I bring business owners together through networking.

So have you short, sharp, and then you can have a 62nd spiel don’t waffle. Even if you write it down and you read it, it that’s step one, if you are that overwhelmed.

So definitely plan, plan, plan. And I think, you know, uh, used to be really clear on, on the values that you have in terms of what you bring to your clients, but then how do you solve their problem through what you do?

Well, there’s so many problems in business, so many problems. And as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.

We all have the same problems. So my networking group, we basically work on those problems and it that’s why no two meetings are the same.

And I’m so excited about that because I look at what the group needs. I look at what you need, I’m looking at what my members are asking for.

Then we just deliver it as a team. So I’m very blessed to have such a supportive, you know, executive team, which Julie is a part of, which is awesome.

Um, yeah. Did I answer your question? Yeah. And, and let’s, let’s talk for a minute about team, cause we are doing a bit of work with the team at the moment and we’ve profiled all the team, which is really exciting.

And I think it’s on the eighth, isn’t it? That we are doing a session with the team and looking at what is it or who is it that, that we may need in terms of to have a balance, um, in that and team team’s so important.

So tell the call in terms of like looking for your executive team, but wasn’t about who wants to put the hand up and we’ll just take, if you’ve got a pulse you’ll do, which is what happens because people just want that people to help tell us about the criteria of, of, and, and the caliber of people in your, in your opinion, if you’re building a, a team, cause it’s not gonna be really different to any team, what were the key things that you, that you looked at?

Definitely, um, someone that wanted to be on the team for starters, um, I’m a big believer of not forcing people to do things.

Um, and cuz time is, you know, very valuable to each person. But with my exec, with my executive team, everyone has different strengths.

Like I have a superstar systems and process lady, um, who’s multi award winning and she helps with all my backend.

And then I have a, an amazing wealth management, um, gentleman, he’s my calm in the farm. Like he real cuz I’m a, I’m a, I’m a pretty, I’m a network of go bunny, you know, flip around when I’m with, when I’m with him, he calms me down and calms the group down.

Then there’s you, which is helping me build that beautiful team. And then we’ve got a couple of coaches, um, on, on the executive team and then we’ve got someone who’s actually like just business development.

So I’ve got them in business development to sort of help me grow a little bit. So everyone has a purpose.

I’ve also got a gold spent, um, gold sponsor who is highly connected and he’s my team. Yes, he’s my kid.

No. So, you know, he sort of brings me into line, says, okay, you know, yes, no. And is quite direct.

So I just take everybody’s piece of goodness and then we form decisions around the ideas and what problems we’ve gotta deal with within the group, which I must say we haven’t really had no, because we’re dealing with quality professionals here.

So I find I’ve, I’ve definitely found since starting this group is that there’s less stress management and more delivery. What can we do to help our member who needs us the most?

Who do we need to rally around? There’s so many different aspects and layers to get linked and I guess that’s why I’m so proud of what we do and what we deliver.

Yeah. And so, um, can two chapters on the, on, on the gold, Coast’s really exciting. Um, tell us about your bigger goal, your bigger plans, My end goal.

Um, and I’m not even gonna say my end goal because it’s it’s multilayered, but for me I’m building a brand, a business that I’m going to either license or franchise, but the quality of what we’ll have on offer is basically it will be another business that either you, if, if there’s somebody that’s got wants a part-time job, they can take on, get linked or there’s someone like me that wants to just do networking for a business I’m gonna have, I’m gonna give them all the resources that they need.

And then they’ll have me and my team as support. So that’s the end goal only nationwide. So Australia-wide, and we will be strategically placing ourselves in golf clubs nationwide because my husband is heavily involved with goth.

So it just makes sense. It Does. And yeah, and I’ve got some really exciting things coming in the next 12 to two months, which I’m not gonna give too much away because my members don’t know about it yet because I love surprising them.

And yeah, there’s just so much growth. I’ve, I’ve got everything written down with the end in mind. And if it, if I could talk to anybody about any businesses go with, what is the end in mind, why are you in business and then work backwards and what steps you need to take to grow.

And don’t be afraid to give it a go. So, so a, a question I’m gonna ask you, Kim is, um, what’s the difference and we, and we talk about things being easy and things happening, like when you’re in flow.

And I find for myself that is just so absolutely true. Tell me about the difference it’s made for you to be doing something that you are so innately, attuned to, um, as to something that’s difficult.

Yes. Well, you’ve helped me with that because part of my profiling, I’m not a big person on attention to detail.

Um, I like creating, but not the attention. So the back end, the systems, the processes, the admin, that’s not when I’m in flow, but when I’m in flow, I’m networking, creating, helping people, um, bringing business owners together.

So by understanding where you are in flow helps you so much, because then you realize, ah, that’s why I enjoy that.

That’s why I don’t enjoy that. So we do more of what we’re in flow and we then hire those that.

So I’ve got a bookkeeper and I’ve got admin staff. So I do have staff as well as an executive team.

Um, cuz as you grow, you need people around you that can support you and work for you, but to get the most out of your business when you’re in flow, you never, you, you feel like you’re not working.

I know. And, and the higher your contribution is, right? Yes. So The more people can Help. I think you’re amazing.

And I have just watched you flourish and grow and you just radiate, um, you know, honestly sitting back and, you know, going to, uh, some of the, your launch events and things like that, of what people say about you and the level of respect that they have above everything else.

And you know, that’s, that’s a very big part of the reason why they join, um, get linked. But anyway, we’ll put some details if you wanna find out more about it.

Absolutely. Um, yeah, that would be really awesome. Thanks so much for joining us this week. Uh, Kim, I will go and get organized.

I’m going to the rise conference tomorrow. I’m looking forward to some hugs, you know, like I’ve missed that so much with so many of my, you know, my industry, industry friends.

So I’m really looking forward, uh, to what tomorrow is all about. But I, but I am a little bit frustrated.

I’m not gonna be there on Wednesday, but anyway, We will miss you, but you are where you need to. It’s gonna be amazing.

Having Suzi joined us from cancer council Queensland, cause we sponsor we’re. We are partnered with cancer, cancer, Queensland, so many layers there, but thank you so much for having me and your kind words.

And I’m blessed to have you in my life. And I love working with you and contribution compass. So thank you.

You’re very welcome To see you Guys. Sometimes. I’m not sure who I am either. If I, where I’m supposed to be grateful for of my memories, starting fear Forever changing for I’ve got let Go.

Every Single day I embrace take steps into what’s will my way every single day. I, my way nothing is Good.

Nothing is bad. Choose To focus on myself. Promise always put myself, Listen Closely To muscle to know I’ve gotta Let go.

And Every single day Steps goes annoy best for me. Will I’m ready to put myself first am whatever goes best for will.

I ready to put myself first, every single day, take steps into listen closely to my, to know what I’ve let go.

And every single day change taking steps into the are no break what’s best for me. I will. My way every single day, I fight my way.

So if you are up for a new kind of networking – You’ve come to the right place

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