Carolyn Broomfield

From the moment I went to my very first GetLinked meeting I was welcomed by everyone!! The atmosphere was friendly and fun. I look forward to our fortnightly meetings and connections so much. Meeting new people and stepping outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to build invaluable social skills and self-confidence; and learn how to make lasting connections. It has been a great source of fresh ideas, new perspectives and ideas to help me in my business. Special thanks to Kim who’s vision, energy and warmth is amazing; I wished I had met you all so much sooner!! Rewind: I was introduced to GetLinked Networking by my friend Julie. Initially I was not that keen, but after her second invitation I decided to go. You see…I lacked self-confidence, I suffer from anxiety and generally find it very confronting meeting and talking to new people. I work in business on my own and decided it was time to change things up, step out of my comfort zone and start meeting like-minded business owners! I had over the years attended networking organisations and to be honest, I did not enjoy them, they were uninviting and unprofessional. I am SO pleased I joined GetLinked!! Everyone is so very kind and supportive; and I would highly recommend anyone checking us out – you would never be disappointed. Carolyn – New Horizon Fitness