Mini- Conference 2024

Unlock your full potential
Master mental toughness, high performance and resilience.

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For only $99, you’ll learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and harness your inner strength. Our expert speakers will guide you through strategies to build resilience, overcome mental roadblocks, and present yourself with unwavering confidence. You’ll gain actionable insights to help you navigate business challenges, maintain your drive, and keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough.

It’s okay to struggle and face setbacks – they are part of the journey to success. Together, we’ll explore how to cultivate mental toughness, build a supportive mindset, and achieve remarkable growth.

Join us and connect with like-minded professionals who understand your challenges and are committed to helping you succeed.


July 31st 2024


9:00AM - 2:00PM


Club Helensvale




We have expert speakers who will guide you through strategies to build resilience, overcome mental roadblocks, and present yourself with unwavering confidence.


A panel of experts who will be discussing implementing AI in your business and leveraging social media and marketing to drive growth.


AMG business performance will be hosting a workshop designed to help business owners break free from stagnation and achieve remarkable growth.

Guest Speakers

Darius Boyd played professional rugby league for 15 seasons, representing both his state and country. However, his most significant battles were fought off the field. Midway through his career, he openly shared his journey with mental health and his experiences seeking professional help. Today, he is a dedicated advocate and ambassador for mental health and wellbeing.
Korey Torres
Team InvincAble consists of award winning speakers, mindset coaches, inclusion advocates, and podcast hosts, Natasha Price and Adam Sheppard. They also moonlight as elite wheelchair athletes! Together they founded InvincAble where they utilise decades of experience in disability, mindset and sport to empower, inspire and create the kind of change that has a meaningful impact for people of all abilities.
Terry Dennis
Annette Densham is an award winning entrepreneur uses her 30 plus years as a news journalist and writer to delve deep into people’s stories to capture the heart of what they do. As a master storyteller, she understands the power of connecting with an audience through authentic, credible and compelling content.
Katy Gilmore
Gary Fahey is an executive life strategist, mental strength and performance specialist, highly sought-after speaker and bestselling author who embodies the mantra of “Lived it, Learned it, Earned it.” His unique Brutal Honesty brand was forged through 18-years with the Australian Federal Police, leading the Australian Prime Minister’s Personal Protection Team and Office of Commissioner; however, his passion for mental strength and resilience was born following his own breakdown.
Korey Torres
Renee Cosh is a Quantum Hypnotherapist, Mind Health Mentor, and Unveiling Conscious Parenting Educator who has dedicated her career to helping individuals overcome trauma, break free from generational patterns, and live their best lives. With a personal journey that has included challenges such as violence, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma, Renee has used her experiences to become a powerful advocate for healing and growth.
Terry Dennis
Jo and Jason Allender are the Directors and Coaches at AMG Business Performance. For 13 years, they have been working directly with business owners to help them grow more profitable businesses and scale effectively. With over 20 years of business experience, Jo and Jason initially founded a successful publishing house from scratch and sold it, showcasing their entrepreneurial expertise and strategic vision.
Katy Gilmore

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